Corporate Venture Houston – November 1st

On November 1st Global Corporate Venturing convenes its first conference in Houston with the following questions and themes on our agenda:

  • Energy meets digital – what happens next?
  • Industry 4.0 meets energy – what happens next?
  • Superman vs Batman: Flying cars, autonomous vehicles and the future of energy
  • Corporate venture responses to ‘lower for longer’: Where to focus? Where to diversify?
  • What are the latest trends in energy corporate venturing?

Speakers include:

  • Barbara Burger; President of Chevron Technology Ventures
  • Geert van de Wouw, Managing Director Shell Technology Ventures
  • Kemal Anbarci, Managing Executive, Chevron Technology Ventures
  • Kirk Coburn, Shell Technology Ventures
  • George Coyle, Partner, Energy Innovation Capital
  • John Reale, Co-Founder & CEO, Station Houston
  • Tom Whitehouse, Chairman, LEIF, and Contributing Editor, GCV

There will also be curated presentations from venture-backed businesses that are raising capital and seeking corporate partners, and that offer compelling answers to the questions above

If you’d like to speak or present, please contact the conference Chair, Tom Whitehouse (GCV Contributing Editor and Chairman of the London Environmental Investment Forum). We are very keen to invite non-Houstonian corporate VCs and their portfolio companies and to hear perspectives on energy from outside the traditional energy domain.

This conference is for bona fide venture investors and start-ups. Please contact us to register your interest to attend.
We’d like to thank the conference co-sponsors, Chevron Technology Ventures and Shell Technology VenturesBP Ventures, and Baker Botts.
Service providers with an interest in sponsoring the conference should also contact Tom Whitehouse.

The Texan capital has had a torrid time of late, but the recovery has begun.  Please come and join GCV as we celebrate and champion the resilience and talent of the Texan venture and innovation industry.

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