Top 12 advanced material start-ups with corporate backers

This list below is an extract from ‘New Fusions in Advanced Materials Innovation and Corporate Venture Capital’, a new report from LEIF and Global Corporate Venturing, which is sponsored by Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures and Airbus APWorks. The report will be published shortly.

The top twelve companies have been compiled from a list of companies that have received funding in the last two to three years from the venture units of corporations with a strategic interest in advanced materials. These companies directly address the strategic needs of corporate venture capitalists interviewed for the LEIF report, including Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV), the report’s co-sponsor.

“SAEV is interested in materials innovation that can improve all the processes of an integrated oil and gas company, “says Richard Riggs of SAEV’s Aberdeen-based team.

“Catalyst technology requires innovation in materials science. Catalysts can be seen as advanced materials themselves. We have good examples of this within our portfolio,” says Riggs.

“Solar and water are also strategic issues for Aramco and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Materials that can eliminate or reduce corrosion are at the top of our wish list, along with new membrane materials that can be used for gas separation and water desalination. Other areas of interest include; fuel additives, water treatment systems, drilling and well treatment materials, enhanced oil recovery systems, tracer materials, desulfurization systems, high-efficiency photovoltaic systems, thermal insulation and heat transfer materials etc.”

*Tsing Capital is a multi-corporate venture fund backed by Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Belgian steel wire and coatings company Bekaert, BP, the health and nutrition company DSM, the power company ABB, and the materials company Applied Materials.

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